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In 1986, OPT developed a “virtual” job specific testing system for new-hires, existing workers and injured workers. Due to the enormous reduction in injury claims for the companies utilizing the test systems, OPT created WorkSTEPS®, which has grown to become the largest employment testing company in the nation. WorkSTEPS® now tests for thousands of employers and has over 900 licensed test sites in 48 states as well as Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. OPT has done over 12.5 million test since it was created.

Larry Feeler, founder of OPT and CEO and Founder of WorkSTEPS®, developed the concept for WorkSTEPS®’ proprietary baseline medical testing product while working with his father in the family’s pipeline construction and fabrication business. Feeler, a licensed physical therapist and private practice owner, developed a baseline medical testing product to be utilized on new-hires, and designed to better match workers’ strengths with their jobs and create a safer workplace.

In the first year of testing, injuries and costs per claim were reduced by more than 60%, and the Feeler family business saved $750,000. After similar successes in nearby oilfield businesses and towns, their functional employment testing quickly became a well-known employer tool. By 1990, Larry and a partner incorporated software to effectively track employee data, and built a functioning, full work-simulation medical office. The testing method was a breakthrough for the medical industry. In 1994, Feeler formally incorporated WorkSTEPS®, which is the largest functional employment testing company in the United States.

The original mission of WorkSTEPS® was to address the rising incidence and cost of workers’ compensation claims. As the industry has evolved and the need for services has expanded, WorkSTEPS® has evolved from the narrow focus of developing testing protocols and data for local and regional heavy industry employers, to a more comprehensive provider of business services. WorkSTEPS® utilizes its testing services and data in conjunction with a group of related and coordinated business services, which are designed to help corporations nationwide contain and control costs related to employment and work-related environments.

WorkSTEPS® tests designed for new hires are administered before a candidate officially begins working in his or her position.